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Our education programs are designed to eliminate the barriers to quality education for 100% of the children in the community we are working in. This is only made possible through the unified work by the community.

Our Education Goals

Our education programs are specifically designed to eliminate the barriers to quality education for 100% of the children living in a 410 Bridge community. 

We work to raise both the access to education and the quality of the education children receive. 

This is done by addressing barriers such as:

  • School Fees
  • Textbooks
  • Desks
  • School Supplies
  • Uniforms
  • Feeding programs
  • Teacher trainings


How Does Our Education Program Work?

Our education program is very customized to what each school needs to succeed.  At a high-level, we want to remove any barriers for all the children in the community to receive a quality education.  We work with each school administration to identify the areas where we need to support them. 

These things could include the construction of additional classrooms, classroom desks/furniture, textbooks/supplies, feeding programs, teacher training, etc.  For long-term success in our schools, we work with parents to understand the importance of educating children in the community.

The local Leadership Council (LC) is involved in the education program through leading us in identifying the areas that need assistance in the schools.  They oversee that the schools are executing the programs/projects that we are funding in the schools. 

They assist us in holding the schools accountable for providing quality education to children in their communities.  In many communities, some head teachers at the schools are actually members of the LC.

As in all 410 Bridge community development projects/programs, the community is expected to participate in the implementation of a project/program.  Specifically, in the education area, we concentrate on working with and mentoring parents of the students to understand the importance of sending their children to school. 

In many schools, our plan is to implement a school sustainability project that will feed funds back into the school.  It is expected that the community – parents, teachers, leaders – manage these projects long term.

Be a Part of the Education Work
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