Greater Things Are Yet To Come

Today’s blog post is from Stephen Walters, Lead Pastor, Connection Church, Suwanee, GA. He went on the 2010 Thanksgiving Open Trip to Joska, Kenya.

2010 Thanksgiving Team

Even though my heart was being pulled to Kenya, I was still worried about the trip. I didn’t worry about my safety, my wife’s safety, or the safety of our two best friends that were going on the trip with us. No, I worried about the potential impact a week in a community could have. As my interest in Kenya grew, my knowledge of their struggles grew. Lack of water, access to education, and so many other issues were present. What could one person from a community halfway around the world really do for a community in Kenya?

What I found in that community was an answer that made me realize my worries were very unfounded. What can one person do? Nothing really. What can God do through His children? Plenty. When we arrived at Joska, I encountered a community of people who had faith and joy I have only read about. I met people who in my world had nothing, but in reality, had everything. I met people who made me realize that I have just a little part in something grand and beautiful that God makes.

After too short a time of fellowshipping with the people of Joska, meeting their leaders, worshipping in their church, and praying in their community, I left with a feeling of unmatched confidence in what God is doing. Joska has incredibly strong leadership. The 410Bridge has equally strong leadership. I know that through these organizations, God is working to make amazing things happen in Joska. My heart longs to continue partnering with The 410Bridge in doing the work of God in Kenya. I know that with this system in place, and an Almighty God in control, greater things are yet to come in Kenya.

Stephen Walters

Lead Pastor, Connection Church, Suwanee, GA

Thanksgiving Open Team

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