The 410 Bridge quality education programs are specifically designed to eliminate the barriers to quality education for 100% of the children living in a 410 Bridge community. We work to raise both the access to education and the quality of the education children receive.

In most cases, sponsoring as few as one-third of the students will lift the quality of education for every child attending that school. Sponsorship addresses barriers to education like school fees, textbooks, desks, school supplies, uniforms, and feeding programs where needed, in addition to hiring and training teachers.

“Sustainability, holistic development, and creating independence verses dependence: these are words that are commonly used these days by many organizations, but most fail to live up to these standards. globalX has found The 410 Bridge to be one of those rare organizations that has the right plan to make a lasting difference in the developing world. They have been a true joy to work with. ”

– globalX Leader
North Point Community Church
(attendance: 30,000)