It’s time we recognize that breaking the cycle of poverty requires a dramatic shift in worldview, not just there, but on both sides the bridge!

You have an opportunity for your business to use its’ resources to make a dramatic impact by helping us reach our goal of a sustainable, community-initiated development in some of the poorest communities in the world. This is more than just team building or corporate philanthropy opportunities. Challenge your team to be a part of something much bigger than themselves, to develop as a team in environments that will challenge their own worldviews.

Go deep to make a lasting change!

“Sustainability, holistic development, and creating independence verses dependence: these are words that are commonly used these days by many organizations, but most fail to live up to these standards. globalX has found The 410 Bridge to be one of those rare organizations that has the right plan to make a lasting difference in the developing world. They have been a true joy to work with. ”

– globalX Leader
North Point Community Church
(attendance: 30,000)

“Over the years we’ve vetted many, many organizations that “say” they do sustainable, community-initiated development. The 410 Bridge is the only organization that we’ve found that actually has the discipline to do it right. Amazing.”

– Large International Christian Foundation

“What I love about our partnership with The 410 Bridge is that they genuinely care about making an impact in the local church on both sides of the bridge. Their partnership with our church has equipped us to develop new ministries and stretch our people in ways we had never thought of before. Their strategy makes sense, and it is working!

– First Bossier, LA
(attendance: 3,000)

Travel With Us

Go on a vision trip or take your team on the adventure of a lifetime!

Each trip provides an unique opportunity to engage and interact with members of a 410 Bridge community. Teams start to see ‘our neighbors’ have the same hopes and dreams that we do. We see teams encounter life changing experiences, and inspired to continue using their gifts to serve the Kingdom.